Acrobatics poses

Acrobatics Dance

Acrobatics is a beautiful hybrid between dance and gymnastics.  Unlike gymnastics, dancers becoming strong and flexible enough to perform on a hard surface.  The Acrobatic Arts training produces well rounded performers who are not prone to injury, whilst the Alixa programme provides world-class flexibility and strength training with proven results.  Each class typically includes training in strength, flexibility, balancing, limbering, tumbling, partnering and choreography.

Beyond level 1 this class is not suitable for students who are not attending at least one dance class as additional dance training is critical.

We follow the Acrobatic Arts levels to ensure that pupils are working their way through the proven progressions.  This will lead them safely to mastering advanced tricks such as aerials, back hand springs and more.

We have our AcroDance Preschool class for pupils aged 3 to 5, this then leads effortlessly into our main Acrobatics classes where pupils are grouped by Acrobatic Arts level.

Taught by ISTD, Acrobatics Arts and Alixa Flexibility qualified teacher.  Examinations and show performance opportunities are offered.

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Example of Acrobatic Arts syllabus